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Biometric Access Control

biometric access controlBiometrics is when you identify someone by their physical appearance or DNA profile and this technology is being used more and more in access control security. Finger print scanning, vein, retina and iris eye detection, voice waves, face recognition and DNA signatures can all be stored on a database and used to verify a person’s identity in order to allow access through doors and gates.

We already use fingerprint scanning on mobile phones and it makes sense to incorporate biometrics when it comes to security. After all, codes can be broken and cards can be replicated but a person’s DNA is unique to them and is the best way to manage personnel access to highly sensitive areas.

Biometric security usage is not limited to governmental departments such as the military or police. Laboratories, offices, universities and commercial businesses are all legitimate sectors where biometric access control could be utilised.

Visiontec is the UK security company who install biometric access control systems in the North West. If your company or business is located in Merseyside, Lancashire or Cheshire then we offer a free on site survey where our surveyor will visit your premises and determine which system would integrate best with your existing security or advise you on a new installation which can include regular maintenance contract after the standard 12 month guarantee.

free access control consultation

Modern biometric security systems can allow over 1,000 staff profiles to be stored inside the system and it takes under a second to scan a finger print for example. Also included is free software so that management can set hours of the day where doors are completely unlocked and each biometric system can be integrated with CCTV, PA systems and other on-site security.

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