Explosion Proof, ATEX and IECEx CCTV Systems

Explosion-Proof ATEX and IECEx CCTV cameras are designed and built to be installed and used in hazardous facilities such as Offshore, Marine, Oil and Gas. They are also known as intrinsically safe CCTV cameras and are built to a specific specification in order to be suitable for these environments and area involving flammable gases.

The EX (Explosion-Proof) ATEX and IECEx cameras come in various specifications and formats.

  • High Definition IP
  • Analogue CCTV
  • PTZ CCTV Cameras
  • Dome Cameras

At Visiontec Security we have a lot of experience in installing Ex ATEX and IECEx CCTV systems in various facilities such as offshore, marine, gas, oil and specialist manufacturing. All these systems have to be carefully planned in order to keep the EX certification high in order to install a sound hazardous environment system with as little down time as possible.

A well designed and installed Ex ATEX and IECEx CCTV system will provide a useful tool sending CCTV images from hazardous areas in a facility to a control room where these CCTV pictures can be used for critical over sight of difficult hazardous environments.

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