HD CCTV - High Definition Wireless and HD-SDI Systems

The Visiontec range of High Definition CCTV includes both the wired HD-SDI and new IP based wireless systems that are flexible where users can download apps that allow monitoring via mobile phone or tablet. Installations across North West of England including Merseyside, Lancashire, Cheshire have placed Visiontec as the number one supplier of CCTV systems in the region.

HD CCTVHD CCTV is moving at a fast pace and you can simply upgrade your existing installation to the new hi-res systems via existing coax cabling, this is called HD-SDI. All that is needed is the new HD cameras and a DVR (digital video recorder) to record the footage.

1080p wireless systems work via IP (networked) and are obviously more versatile – cameras can be setup in difficult locations and there is no issues with cabling either. If you are not sure whether you need a wired or wireless HD CCTV system then let Visiontec Security help you by advising you on the right system for your business, home, industrial unit, school or office.

The improved quality of HD CCTV opens up new possibilities for customers. Cameras can easily identify people because of the high pixel count, facial recognition raises the chance of a successful prosecution in court and that’s why police forces up and down the UK are switching over to HD CCTV.

Cameras that zoom, pan and tilt are so advanced that they can be used as number plate recognition systems on their own, perfect for councils who need to monitor car parking or for when vehicles are used for the purpose of committing crimes.

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A new HD system costs less than you think and is of course backed up by the Visiontec customer support network which includes 12 months guarantee and on-going support. If you are thing of purchasing a new CCTV system in Liverpool, Manchester, Bootle, Ellesmere Port, Southport, Warrington, St. Helens, Preston, Blackburn, Wirral or Chester then talk to Visiontec.

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