IP CCTV Systems - Modern, Versatile and Cost Effective

IP CCTV is when images and audio from digital cameras is changed into data and then transmitted over a internet or local network. Visiontec is the leading UK IP CCTV system installers who can help you decide whether an IP system is best suited for you.

IP CCTVCurrently, Visiontec service all areas in the North West including Liverpool, Manchester, Wirral, Greater Manchester, Southport, St. Helens, Warrington and Bootle, Bolton and Blackburn and can travel further afield if required.

There are numerous benefits that a digital CCTV setup brings over analogue. For example, an IP CCTV system does not require you to record locally – all data can be sent across a network, internet connection or wide area network to be recorded by DVR (digital video recorder) which can be hundreds of miles away.

Modern software also allows the remote management of IP CCTV where alerts can be identified in seconds rather than relying on someone to be watching a monitor inside a monitoring station. Warnings can be sent via email or SMS and this type of cover is recommended for non high risk security that is also cheaper to monitor.

Because IP based CCTV converts images to data, the resolution can be much higher than a traditional analogue based system, typically you are able to obtain at least three times the quality against a comparable CCTV system and if the building has an existing internal network (telephones/ethernet) then IP CCTV can be installed seamlessly to run alongside this which results in lower installation costs and less disruption.

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Visiontec can setup a cost effective IP CCTV system in almost any environment including schools, colleges, offices, retail units and industrial buildings – staff can even monitor CCTV themselves by logging on to the internet and watching via a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. Customers can download apps for mobile devices (Android and iPhone) can be downloaded via the Visiontec resources section in order to monitor cameras remotely. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT IP CCTV.

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