Johnson Controls Case Study

Johnson Controls are a multinational manufacturing company in various industries, from renewable energy to automotive, so when we were approached with the request to design and build a bespoke system for their quality department we were honoured. The issue they were having was provide g proof of quality at a seat manufacturing plant in Liverpool. They were building high quality seats for Jaguar Land Rover and shipping them to their Halewood assembly plant. They were however getting returns by the lorry load (literally) with complaints of quality issues. Johnson Controls believed this issue was to do with shipping and not manufacturing but they needed a process in order to prove this to their client Jaguar Land Rover.

With the recent innovation in High-Definition CCTV IP systems we had the perfect product to produce high quality images that can be recorded for a length of time on a NVR (Network Video Recorder) and then used as evidence for the end client to prove quality. To ensure we designed the system correctly we worked closely with the plants quality team and installed a HDIP CCTV system that had High-Definition cameras installed along the production line at specifically chosen sections. This footage could then prove the quality of the seat and the workmanship, detailing that needed to been such as stitching, leather patterns etc. at each stage of the manufacturing process. Finally before the final shipping process we had a booth made with four 8 megapixel high-definition IP CCTV cameras taking the seats in from every angle possible as a final quality check before shipping. This system ensured there was quality images from beginning to finish of the manufacturing process.

The HDIP CCTV system was the obvious choice for the desired solution regarding high quality images for proof of quality, however the challenge became to be able to take a serial number of a seat sent back from Jaguar Land Rover and look back at footage to prove its quality. Simply looking through the footage at time sections and doing it manually just wasn’t an option and would take up valuable man hours of important personnel at the factory. We looked around on the market and there was no out of the box solutions so we decided we would use our in-house software programmer to come up with a solution. What we came up with was a bespoke piece of software that was installed onto a custom server mounted with the NVR that interacted with the Hikvision HDIP CCTV system and catalogued the images by date and serial number of the seats. This was done by using RF serial readers at each high-definition CCTV camera station and linked back to the server and then made easily searchable via the software. This meant you could simply input a serial number of a returned seat and have presented to you all the images of that specific seat through the manufacturing process with an overlay on the image confirming the seat serial number, date and time.

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