Magna Exteriors Case Study

For many years we had provided and installed traditional security solutions for a long term customer Magna Exteriors in Liverpool, their core business is the manufacturing of external body parts for large car manufacturers such as Jaguar Land Rover, Vauxhall and Bentley. This time though we were contacted by the Quality department regarding an issue they were having to see if we had any solutions. The quality department were experiencing a lot of downtime due to automated robot in the paint section malfunctioning and either crashing into the car parts or issue with the paint spray nozzles. This was resulting in massive loss of downtime at huge financial cost.

After consultation with the various members of the quality department and factory managers coupled with demonstrations of different products and ideas we came up with the solution of installing a High-Definition Hikvision CCTV system at various key points along the manufacturing process. The idea of this solution is to provide high-definition recorded images of all 24 robot arms, 6 over view cameras of the paint booths and 7 CCTV cameras on key linkage positions. These camera locations coupled with a central monitor station in the paint shop office allowed for easy monitoring of all key areas of the process. Before this they were using numerous members of highly skilled staff to sit and watch these robots at great cost and time and more often than not missing the incidents when they happen. The new high-definition Hikvision CCTV system provides them with key information in the form of high resolution video recorded for 30 days of any incidents that cause down time in the factory for analysis.

After this system was installed it had great impact, on the first downtime incident they reviewed the footage and saw an issue with the pathing of the robot arm into the process line and were able to amend the software to stop this happening again in the future and further costs of repairs to the robot arm were avoided. The second instance of the system being used for quality purposes was just one week later, they noticed at the end of line the paint finish on some parts was of poor quality and needed to find out quickly what the issue was to get the site back running, again on review of the footage and due to the high-definition CCTV images they could see the spray pattern coming out of the spray heads was not consistent, on inspection there was clogging in the end of this and it was quickly rectified. Both of these incidents would have taken much longer to diagnose without the system and at a much greater cost.

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