Mcdonalds Case Study

We were contacted by a franchisee owner who has multiple stores in the Liverpool and Manchester area with a problem he needed to address. He had suspicion that in the months before contacting us he was experiencing larger amounts of shrinkage in certain franchises than he should be, he was also worried that staff members were abusing the loyalty rewards scheme for employees and staff discounts. These issues coupled with the general security of the site and employees due to the franchises being in high risk areas of the city meant the current analogue CCTV system they had installed just wasn’t living up to his expectations or needs.


After a consultation with the franchise owner we put together a proposed solution in order to tackle the issues expressed to us, we took the information he gave us along with the store managers and combined that without 15+ years of industry knowledge to bring to provide an effective, cost driven solution. Our proposal was to update his current out of date analogue Delamere CCTV system with a new Hikvision High-Definition IP CCTV system. One of the driving factors behind this decision was image quality, the franchise owner and store managers were struggling to properly identify what was going on in a busy store with low quality images, with the high-definition solution using 4 megapixel hikvision anti-vandal dome cameras we were providing images with 8x the video quality and higher frame rates. This meant identifying what was going on in the images recorded on the NVR (Network Video Recorder) was much much easier. The second improvement we made to his systems was careful camera placement, after the initial discussions we drew up a proposed floor plan and layout of camera location. The old system had some basic security system layout errors, one key one was the cameras above the tills, these were installed behind the tills meaning the employees backs were covering what exactly was going on at the till interaction. When we installed the new HDIP CCTV cameras we placed the till cameras above and slightly to the side, this meant not only were they getting images with 8x the quality but they were now in a position to see exactly what the employee was ringing into the EPOS tills and what money interactions there was.

After installation was complete on the first franchise we were contacted by the franchisee once again to roll out systems in his other stores. This was due to the success of the first system, the franchisee noted that straight after installation they had recorded an upturn in productivity from staff members, greatly reduced shrinkage, employee discount and rewards abuse stopped and improved response from the police when providing footage of unsociable behaviour in and around the stores.

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