Ofsted Safeguarding In Schools

Safeguarding in Schools for Ofsted

At Visiontec Security we have over 15 years’ experience in working with educational establishments such as, nurseries, primary and secondary schools, universities, grammar schools and academies to provide them with security solutions such as CCTV, Access Control, Gates and Barriers, Intruder Alarms and Monitoring. In this time we have worked closely and understood an educational facilities needs more as time has gone by, one key factor that has come up a lot in recent years is the safeguarding of school aspect of an Ofsted inspection. To address that we worked with an Ofsted inspector and various people in the education sector to fully understand the needs for both sides.

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Because of this close working relationship with Ofsted and educational facilities we have put together many security proposals and are able to do so with great success due to this process. We not only understand the needs and financial aspects from the educational facilities standing but also the standards and practices needed to be in place to ensure that the safeguarding of schools in the form of the safeguarding of pupils, property and staff. These proposals and system designs aim to meet the security needs using physical and electronic solutions such as Access Control, access control is sued to control the flow of people in/out and around a building. This ensures you have full control of any people in any area of a building when and if you want. Couple with the Access Control systems we can integrate gates and barriers into the system ensuring not only the building is safeguarded but the surrounding areas such as car parks and playing fields. Another very useful tool is CCTV and with the recent strives forward in HDIP CCTV (High-definition IP CCTV) we are able to offer affordable CCTV solutions with high resolution images making it much easier and clearer to identify incidents and individuals.free IP CCTV consultation

These solutions plus our knowledge of the Ofsted needs and the experience of over 15 years in helping educational establishments meet their security needs puts Visiontec Security in a strong position to help you get everything you want from a security system cost effectively.

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