Public Sector CCTV - Schools, Colleges, Police, NHS, Highways and Councils

Visiontec is proud to partner with the UK public sector that has seen a significant increase in demand for security products and services in recent years. Schools, colleges, regional police forces, local councils and the UK courts service have all had systems installed, equipment upgraded or maintained and have sought technical advice from the Visiontec support team.

cctv in schoolsPrimary and Secondary School CCTV
School security is in the news. High profile breaches in the US and UK has increased the overall awareness among staff, parents and governors who are keen to re-assess security at their own schools in order to increase protection and lower the threat of harm to children and teachers.

Visiontec Security works with schools in Merseyside, Lincolnshire, Lancashire and Cheshire to offer support and devise effective strategies that provide high level CCTV protection without turning a school into a prison like environment. Schools need to be safe, secure but also happy places for children and staff to learn and work.

Our range of CCTV for schools includes small cameras over wireless networks that can be remotely monitored if needed and if combined with access control gates can prove to be an effective school security strategy that is non-intrusive and safe.

cctv in courtsCCTV in UK Magistrates and County Courts
Visiontec have installed and maintain over 60 witness support systems in UK courts. Bolton, Manchester, Preston, Liverpool, Greater Manchester and Rochdale all have state of art systems where vulnerable witnesses such as children can be questioned via high quality CCTV and audio in a separate room and these live images are transmitted back into the court room into specialist monitors.

Working to strict deadlines and having engineers on site at pre-determined time slots enabled this project to be completed without disruption to busy court sessions was key to this project.

police cctv companyPolice CCTV – Rapid Deployable Cameras and Traffic Control
Modern policing requires a quicker response to both to the threat of crime and where incidents need to be visually recorded such as demonstrations, festivals, marches and rallies where there is a sudden increase in population in an area that could struggle to facilitate, resulting in potential public disorder or more severe crime.
Visiontec have developed a new way of monitoring the movements of crowds, traffic hotspots and special events – the Visiontec range of Rapid Deployable Cameras.

These can be setup in minutes and are currently under trial with the Grimsby Police Force. These specialist CCTV cameras run independent of existing town CCTV systems and can transmit HD images in seconds to a monitoring station or mobile device. Click here to find out more about Rapid Deployable Cameras.

hospital cctvHospitals and Local Medical Centre CCTV Installation
It’s not just internal monitoring at NHS buildings that require a high level professional CCTV system.

Paid visitor car parks, unauthorised parking locations and emergency entrances are all potential high risk areas that could benefit from a CCTV install. Visiontec has extensive experience in this sector – Working with Scunthorpe Hospital for example, security staff monitor car parking via CCTV display units installed on-site by our engineers.

cctv transportTransportation – The UK Highways and British Rail partners with Visiontec Security, projects include number plate recognition systems and data collection for urban traffic control.

The police, fire and ambulance services require both live and recorded CCTV images in order to tackle crime and route plan to avoid bottlenecks on the roads – major incidents where a large number of emergency vehicles can all be heading to the same destination can be managed by a network of cameras on the road – a bank of IP cameras can be setup and transmit data to a live monitoring station almost instantly.

Get in touch with Visiontec today and let our technical team evaluate your current security, advise on which modern systems and practices that could benefit your organisation.

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